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Blues Reference Horses

Arabian Dude
Arabian Dude

LINDALES ARABIAN LITTLE DUDE   AMHA   (FLYING W FARMS LITTLE BLUE BOY  x   FLYING  W FARMS IMADOLL)---Dude is a direct son of FLYING W FARMS LITTLE BLUE BOY, and is 29 1/2 inches of power packed Arabian beauty.  Dude's offspring carry such premiere farm names as LUCKY FOUR, LIMESTONE, AND MINI BITS, to name a select few. These farms have produced some beautiful Arabian show type foals with the Lindales Arabian Little Dude blood, which is why we have added him to our stallion roster, and our Arabian type program.  We have purchased several Blue Boy bred mares/fillies, with the intention of line-breeding them to Dude, and also to breed him to our GOLD MELODY BOY MARES, for that so sought after ARABIAN LOOK!!


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