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Welsh Gelding Cheyene
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My Training Blog
Sunday, October 19, 2008
Topic: Welsh Gelding Cheyene



I wanted to put up information about a 3yr old Welsh gelding that I got October 2007.  Cheyene has been out in the pasture all of his life with his other pasture mates.  His only handling was when he was a weanling where he was taught about the halter and leading.  He was a very spooky and flighty gelding and he did not have much trust at all. 

I started working him with the Natural Horsemanship methods for a few months but it did not seem to make much of a difference for him as he continued to be very flighty.  I did get discouraged with this guy as I started thinking that there was something else wrong with him.  A friend of mine thought maybe he was deaf but that was not the case.  I thought maybe he had problems with his vision becuase he acted like he could not focus.

You could do the same thing everyday with Cheyene and he acted like he had never seen you before until I started using Clicker training on him.  I started his clicker training August 2008 and he has come a long way.  He is still somewhat flighty but is getting more and more trusting.  I started out getting him to target and then following the target.  We then moved onto disengaging the HQ's, backing up coming forward and moving the FQ's over.  Next I had him targeting plastic bags, soft flags and going over a bridge.  I also worked with him every time to target his halter and getting him where he would put on his own halter because you could not walk in the pen and just walk up to him and put a halter on.

As of this posting I am able to have him come to me and put his head in the halter.  We work in the round pen at liberty where he is doing the following disengage HQ's, moves FQ's, backs, comes to me to be brushed, puts his head into the soft flag that is blowing in the wind, gets on a bridge, walks over an angled ground pole, stands on the black mat and goes between 2 barrels.  This guy has come along ways and I am very proud of him as he has been a great teacher.  One other thing I could not catch this boy in the round pen even using Natural Horsemanship techniques but now thru clicker he happily catches me.  Clicker training gets the horse to think from his brain to his feet that way it is hard wired in them because it is their idea.  Keep watching as I will do weekly updateds on the horses I am training.

Posted by tkwminis at 1:23 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, October 19, 2008 1:58 PM EDT

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